Wednesday, June 09, 2004

boys without eyebrows

back from new york, for now. it was a whirlwind couple of days. i was dressed to receive the city this time so i felt more civilly treated by it; it's amazing how much difference an Outfit, a haircut, and a new black purse can make.

& today, i took my first pill. i mean first ever, people. that was my final obstacle on the road to adulthood, besides filing taxes and childbirth.

save the congratulations to be given in a bundle once my job offers come tidal waving in, a whole whopping two of them, potentially. & get this: i'd have to CHOOSE one or the other! amazing, isn't it? at the moment, it seems like an easy choice, since for one i'd make a salary and for the other i wouldn't. much as i'd enjoy job #2 more, i have this itch to be financially independent which is directing me to job #1.

assuming i get offered either. but the interviews went well. i'm hoping.

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