Tuesday, June 22, 2004

lilypad to lilypad

today while making eggs my brother complimented me on my "quick turnaround." you only graduated, what, three weeks ago?, he said, adding more green chile. and now you have a new profession and a new area code.

the new profession is vague enough that i don't know how to describe it in broad strokes. i work in the entertainment industry. how bout that? i will work, starting on august 23, for the Company: after three interviews, a grammar test and a typing test, and a check on three references, they hired me. i'll be a FLOATER. not the most glamorous position in the world, and let me tell you, it certainly doesn't come borne on the wings of a glamorous salary. but i'll get to rub my nose in the business end of the artsy world and it's enough to pay the rent.

speaking of the rent, allow me to introduce you to my sweet new area code: 10003. say hi, baby. (baby's the east village. still, she's very quiet: fourth-floor walk-up, you know, no air-conditioning or anything, just one of many. she's got some walls though, let me tell you -- they come up to here! and the kitchen! *whistle* you could fit an table in there!)

before this gets any dirtier, perhaps i should mention that on our last night in new york ben and i watched spike tv's uncut rendition of godfather, and i've come home only to join my brothers in watching the parade of sopranos seasons 1 - 3 dvds judah got me as a graduation gift. it's going to be quite a shift on thursday when i pack my bags and haul ass to cty - johns hopkins, remake myself in the image of a role model and never curse no more.

it has all happened quickly. part of me wishes i had more time to lounge around and contemplate the vast puberty-like changes happening to my increasingly curvy, alarmingly hairy life. maybe i'll explode sometime around december with the repressed stress of the past few months. on the bright side, by that point, i'll have health insurance. & dental!

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