Friday, June 04, 2004


so much to be happy about. first of all, i saw the new harry potter movie. as the reviewer, with whom i entirely agree, says, it's not perfect -- but it's far better than either of the two others, much more in touch with the spirit of the books, and quite possible as close as any hollywood movie will get to being as good. parts are heart-stopping, visually beautiful. others are weirdly paced. but i was satisfied.

second, and no less importantly, i just returned from a most excellent three day excursion to deep creek, md. with some of my best high skool friends, and the best friends i will likely make in my life, i rented a house, lazed by the lake, read, watched movies, hiked to waterfalls, wandered through an antique drug-store, and ate my first turkey sandwich in five years.

really -- we took pictures.

it was exactly what i needed after an exorcist-ish graduation (you know, it spun my head around). finally, a chance to process, and to process with those who know me well.

last but not least, a woman called inviting me to another interview in new york. i already have one on monday, my third with The Company; this one, out of the blue, is for another Company, and it seems too serendipitious for words. i'll post more after tuesday when i have a better sense of whether this is just fate teasing me again.

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