Monday, June 14, 2004


new york again. new york means stress. although being lodged with ben is lovely, we're stuck spending the time we have together on our summer break searching desperately for apartments.

we had the world's worst luck our first day out: we found the Perfect Apartment. perfect location (on ben's favorite street in the village, a 5 minute walk from the NYU law building), lots of space, a big room, chill roommates, starting august 1 and in our price range. no fees, either.
we promised our first-born child to the girl who showed us around in exchange for the place; but she just smiled complacently and went along her merry, midwestern way, handing our Perfect Apartment over to someone else.

we know that would happen. we left feeling rotten, and wandering around the Perfect neighborhood didn't exactly help.

there's hope -- we're not through yet. we have entire days of searching left before we consign ourselves to despair. and/or brooklyn.

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