Monday, December 20, 2004

luxury means not having to go to work

while ben finishes up his last semester of law skool and the weather blusters outside, i'm luxuriating in old episodes of sex and the city. season 1 is adorable. it happened so long ago! carrie can still manage to go it bra-less, miranda still wears severe shirts and ties, and every once in a while there's a shot of the twin towers that knocks your wind out.

then there are the funnier aspects of looking back. the episode, for example, where miranda's law firm thinks she's a lesbian and because it's the only way to get into her boss's dinner party she considers trying it, only to eventually decide, "nope, definitely straight." except she's not! well, cynthia nixon isn't, anyway, and who can tell the difference?

there's no food in the house except stale wasabi peas and honey bunches of oats. i've been dining out on a starbucks gift card i got for christmas. i was supposed to go home to dc today and at the last moment i decided to stay and enjoy all this for a while. a week without work, without ben working, a week to run around the city and hang out at coffeeshops (courtesy of the giftcard) and see if i can start writing again. this year has been wretched in several ways ... i'd love to make sure it ends on an up-note and also that i remember there's also been a lot that's beautiful and much i have to be grateful for.

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