Wednesday, December 08, 2004

set! no, wait! ... set!

one of my least-favorite games became, over the summer, when i played it compulsively with the other cty RAs, one of my favorites. (witness, in guendlesburger's cty picture gallery. also witness: me, as a zombie, trying to eat my friend tamar's head.) lacking a deck, i hadn't played since, until the always obliging yami supplied a link to a daily game. i've been playing a game a day since, in the hopes that it will help counteract the effects of the television vacuum.

one of my favoritist actors is coming in today to read. ohmigod. she's, like, fo shizzle, of my favoritist. apparently she's extremely high-maintainance too. squeal! i probably won't be able to say a word to her. i will bow my head and whisper how i am not worthy as she sweeps by me into the booth. i am, can you tell?, super psyched.

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