Friday, December 03, 2004

plans for the weekend? why in fact i have!

a friend is coming to town and sleeping on our couch, making her one of the distinguished handful who have had that honor. i know the number is still under 10 because once we hit 10, we're totally going to wash that sheet we keeping making the couch with. we promise!

meanwhile, roomie dina has finally finished her papers (yay!) and boyfriend ben has finished his first semester classes (wow!). things look good for the inhabitants of 92 2nd avenue. plus we haven't seen a cockroach in the kitchen for DAYS. i'm proud of all of us (especially the cockroaches. great self-restraint guys.) -- once finals are over, the two of them will have made it through the rocky entrance to grad skool. how rocky is it, you wonder, you who have never attempted? so rocky that i didn't make it past the first classs. a round of applause for my housemates.

me, i've made it through my first 3 months on the job. not entirely insignificant, although, to be fair, a position where even on busy days i can still read through both newspapers that matter, salon, slate, the gawker empire, and manage to get in a crossword puzzle, isn't exactly deployment to iraq.

one of the newspapers that matters has a fascinating article today on modern women's happiness. it has some frank, surprising insights into the more and less generally stressful parts of women's days, including the tidbit that most women rated "taking care of children" as less unpleasurable than "housework," but not much less. ouch. so much for the mommy myth; hello desperate housewives.

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