Wednesday, February 02, 2005

state of MY union ... *grumble grumble*

instead of listening to bush wax rhapsodic about this shoddy country, and especially because the drinking party in the speech's honor was canceled and i read wonkette's pirated advance copy in its entirety, i decided to go out and get food-drunk. nostalgia steered me to a local health food place called atlas where i ordered a large chunk of vegan cake. the smart thing to do when you really want to get loaded is, of course, NOT to go for vegan cake -- desserts are not the vegan forte. but i was stubborn. perhaps i've been driven crazy by constant, persistent fumes of soy sauce.

stubbornly, i forked over more than $4; stubbornly, i sat down to eat it and read my graham greene. i laughed in the face of a ridiculous man who didn't seem to mind. on his way out he paused to smile at me. the cake wasn't good, certainly not several dollars or several hundreds of calories' worth of good, and, like a good female, i assiduously watch both. but i can't remember the last time i walked into an eating establishment by myself, bought myself a heap of something not good for me, and ate it. HA. take that, you self-satisfied chimp chump. i may feel worse about this country than i ever have, but i can still eat VEGAN FOOD and read SEDITIOUS CYNICAL LITERATURE and HAVE GAY SEX -- OR AT LEAST HAVE LOTS AND LOTS OF FRIENDS WHO DO WHO I CONGRATULATE AND ENCOURAGE ON A REGULAR BASIS and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. chew on THAT mandate.

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