Wednesday, July 09, 2008

free movies!

The NYT just published a chart of free outdoor movies for this summer. Here's my edited list, virtually all of which I'd be interested in going to, though it would take a lot of momentum to get me to Hoboken or Williamsburg on a skool night. I've bolded the ones that are REALLY exciting.

Thursday, July 10: “Stand By Me,” Brooklyn Bridge Park

Friday, July 11: “The Wizard of Oz,” Pier 46, Hudson River Park

Wednesday, July 16: “Almost Famous,” Pier 54, Hudson River Park; “Wag the Dog,” Riverside Park

Thursday, July 17: “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” Brooklyn Bridge Park

Monday, July 21: “Arsenic and Old Lace,” Bryant Park

Tuesday, July 22: “Wet, Hot American Summer,” McCarren Park Pool

Wednesday, July 23: “Election,” Riverside Park; “Michael Clayton,” Hoboken, N.J.

Friday, July 25: “E.T.,” Pier 46, Hudson River Park

Monday, July 28: “The Apartment,” Bryant Park

Friday, Aug. 1: “The Iron Giant,” McCarren Park Pool

Tuesday, Aug. 5: “On the Town,” 55 Water Street; “Mean Streets,” McCarren Park Pool

Wednesday, Aug. 6: "The Manchurian Candidate,” Riverside Park

Thursday, Aug. 7: “Pleasantville,” Brooklyn Bridge Park

Friday, Aug. 8: “The Goonies,” Pier 46, Hudson River Park

Tuesday, Aug. 12: “Manhattan,” 55 Water Street; “28 Days Later,” McCarren Park Pool

Wednesday, Aug. 13: "Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix,” Hoboken, N.J.

Thursday, Aug. 14: “Cabaret,” Brooklyn Bridge Park

Friday, Aug. 15: “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory,” Pier 46, Hudson River Park

Tuesday, Aug. 19: “Velvet Goldmine,” McCarren Park Pool

Wednesday, Aug. 20: “All The President’s Men,” Riverside Park

Thursday, Aug. 21: “Being There,” Brooklyn Bridge Park

Friday, Aug. 22: “Shrek,” Pier 46, Hudson River Park

Tuesday, Aug. 26: “Imitation of Life,” 55 Water Street; “Blue Velvet,” McCarren Park Pool

Thursday, Aug. 28: “The Shining,” Brooklyn Bridge Park


Rebecca said...

I'm so happy you posted this! I was already planning on going to the movie tomorrow - thursday, which is now today. Will you be there? I want to go to all these movies with you! Plus I sent this list to logan so she could see that there will be many amazing free things for her to do here. Now I want a listing of all the free festival events (river to river, celebrate brooklyn, etc) on one calendar for the summer. Do you have that too?

ester said...

you're hilarious! great, let's do it! except i thought you couldn't do thursdays b/c of your mentoring program? wasn't that your summer sadness?

i do have another calendar with a decent amount of stuff on it. i'll email.

angela said...

I just put Imitation of Life on my Google calendar. I thought you hated that movie (and Sirk in general), though!

ester said...

i don't hate him at all! he makes me laugh. :)

angela said...

Maybe I shouldn't sit with you then, because I will be sobbing... :)