Friday, July 25, 2008

Winners of the Hot Stuff Competition!

ben brunches with hotties
Originally uploaded by shorterstory.
Pictures from birthday brunch (and another recent outdoor foodsy events) are up on Flickr. I wore a pretty dress! And for once, I was not out-boobed by Rebecca (to my left in that picture, in the amazing bright red 1940s number).


Rebecca said...

First, thank you for the compliment on my dress (I had no idea you liked it that much!). Second, in this post you make it sound like you set out to "out-boob" me on a regular basis and fail. I think you need to clarify that usually you do the opposite - try not to have ridiculous cleavage - and it was my influence that got you to buy this amazingly-booby dress.

jamille said...

i totally love the amazingly booby dress! where's it from? the pictures are so great - looks like a wonderful bday celebration:) can't wait to see you all!