Friday, July 11, 2008

new media

How sweet is this nifty Blogger customization thing? I don't know it took me so long to catch on to it.

I feel very With It, technologically, today: aside from changing this page all around, I started a Facebook group that already has almost 100 members, the vast majority of whom are complete strangers. Yes! I am an accidental activist. You're a feminist, right? Aren't you tired of being bombarded with weight loss ads all the time while you're TRYING TO CONCENTRATE on your word-finding games? Join us!

Tomorrow I have to bring my poor stuttering iBook into the Genius Bar and they will tell me whether its soul can be saved. Hopefully the fuzzy feeling I get from watching Wizard of Oz for free on Pier 46 tonight with friends will last long enough to carry me through that ordeal.


Rebecca said...

You are advertising the facebook group on your blog! You have become a fat activist! I'm going to post some version of this comment everywhere, apparently :) As I write this the group has 130 members and about 550 pending invites.

Also, the group has tapped into some tight knit group of radical Canadians. And they are all so cute! I have moved from activism to cruising.

TLC said...

Wait wait wait!! I am a blogger customization virgin! Please send help!!! I want mine to be as awesome as yours, except with entirely different pictures and stuff.

P.S. Your quote about sarcasm is awesome! ... or IS it?? No no, it is.