Wednesday, September 26, 2001

congratulations go out to:

1) my father, who proudly informed me last nite that he'd Sent an Email ("5 years after everyone else," my mother added) and Revised a Document. more importantly perhaps he entered my name in a search index and visited This Page. this page! such a smart papa i have, i said. not all papas would be so smart -- certainly not ones who for the past 61 years have remained stubbornly computer-illiterate and reliant on the secretarial skills of incompetant women in denver and occasionally his daughter to get get by.

2) liz, who called me last nite, flighty and frenzied, to give me a precis of her eventful life. highlights: increased involvement w/ the trans movement (at smith) included special attention to two special souls. the first was brief; this second ongoing. "as terrible as i am w/ names, i'm really good at remembering pronouns," she says. she seems to be entirely, adorably smitten. the object of her affection reciprocates; & she's identifying as a female at the moment so it counts as a lesbian relationship.

3) speaking of lesbian relationships, apparently miss annie up at yale has gotten herself seduced by a 21 year old who's crazy for her.

oh mercy. heartfelt condolences to:
1) becca, who doesn't deserve such shabby treatment. idiot pennmen.

2) catharine gaffney, at whom i yelled by accident yesterday when she was knocking at the door of the barn. i added insult to injury by hugging her in apology -- i forgot that she's not a touchy-feely person. she more or less fled, and she's barely glanced in my direction since.

3) the other becca, to whom i was bitchy yesterday. i told ben sorrowfully last nite that sometimes i'm just mean -- i don't know why, really. i get resentful or hold grudges for offenses that people don't even realize they've committed. i ought to talk to her but i haven't seen her yet today. bah. tis the season to beg forgiveness anyway, i guess.

honestly, what's more interesting than people?
"n.b.: robert benchley. please come home. nothing is forgiven"
-- d. p.

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