Saturday, March 23, 2002

additionally: (sorry for the extra posting. of course you could consider before you sigh that it may be a while before i find another computer, seeing as i'll be in the cold, fleshy arms of mother russia)
another of the loveless girls has fallen. i can feel her beaming through the monitor. powerful stuff, springtime. i wish i were at swat to see its effect on the bunnies, though watching my blossoming beauty here works too. i went and hung out with her this afternoon to gab about our respective times apart. then i rode the train back into town with her and her new, earnest beau, AC. we parted ways: they headed to the planitarium, i to the dfi to catch An Ideal Husband. a continuation of my british theme, perhaps, although i didn't think of that in advance. beautifully acted, entirely what you expect. three fabulous women leads, and it's especially fun to watch rupert everett play a straight man. he brings new meaning to that phrase. and why doesn't anyone ever talk about how good jeremy northam is? ahh fluff.

kind of scared for russia, to tell you the truth. what could match first the week with ben and then this past week? having so many variables makes me nervous. not to mention (might as well be petty, eh?) that i'm really tired of consistently cloudy weather. it was 18 degrees for five minutes in budapest and i heard the door slam as my resistance to winter grabbed its hat and skid out the door. i want flowers and sunshine. i want dancing girls in white lace frocks. i want lazy indolent bantering -- oh dear. i think i want to be in an wilde film adaptation myself. this always happens to me. guess i'll have to go to russia for the distraction or i'll be dreaming in charm and easy conversation for weeks. wish me luck, everyone.

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