Tuesday, March 19, 2002

oh mercy. the lp has left us. by "us" i mean andrea, caitlin (friend #2) and me -- i spent the night here again, bobbing along happily in de-nial. thus far it's been successful: yesterday we went wandrin into the city. they had intended to go see Kunst pre-airport. that didn't happen. we dished out cash for disappointments of various flavors and split ways.
we met up again at my dorm, an hour after the prescribed time because they lost themselves on three different busses. i had whiled away the time quite content in the computer lab, debating whether to do this, emailing, chatting with charming miss lana about rosie.

i fed them dairy-free chocolate via ben, which gave me the opportunity to survey the new, varied crowd: frazzled/glowing andrea, and friends 1 and 2, as much opposites as the rp and i are. then we were off. as requested, i led them on a brief tour through colorful sketchy nitetime christiania to my favorite restaurant there, tucked away in the back, an organic veggie place (dirt grown food dirt cheap!).
they invited me to come see election w/ them and a.c., who promised to join. i gave in to the allure of spending one more night on andrea's floor, thoroughly enjoying reese witherspoon, and continuing to talk film with caitlin (a major therein at yale). a.c. and andrea had an awkward-precious new-lovers moment when we tactfully left them alone outside that made andrea both frazzle and glow more violently.
and tomorrow to budapest for my own foray into new and different territory. but first, pastry.

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