Friday, July 05, 2002

as days sometimes do, today had a turning point. pre-turning point, i scurried in to work, shook my head glumly at blogger which refused to publish, did a washington post crossword puzzle online, and ate cold pasta in the office kitchen at a table by myself. post-midpoint, i ventured into the conference room, where the staff were kicked back with roast chicken and jumbo shrimp, heckling a western on AMC.
leftist, the only other intern in today, was there, and shook a leg at me in greeting. we started talking movies while cheering for kirk douglas on his quest to bring his wife's rapist and murderer to justice. it was a slow day anyway so no one bothered us as we took the discussion upstairs. he pointed out netflix, to which i immediately succumbed, and we spent the subsequent hours agreeing with each other on films and making suggestions to each other.

from there, i went straight into the bosom of the charrow family. i shared shabbes with them and we watched wet hot american summer. all the jokes didn't quite fly, but on the whole it kept us laughing. hard.

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