Monday, March 08, 2004

the voice of god

no wonder kevin smith chose this man to play megatron in dogma. the film as it evolved on screen (as opposed to in its original form) may have been disappointing, but alan rickman was not. when is he ever?

this reverie brought to you by robin hood: prince of thieves. i hadn't seen it since, oh, say 1990, and if you haven't either i heartily recommend it, if only for alan rickman's over-the-top self-parodying sheriff of notingham. i would choose him over kevin costner six times out of seven, even with that greasy hair. he's reprising the greasy hair look in the harry potter flicks, as well as his *siiiiigh* smarmy charm.

he steals the movie the same way tim curry steals the three musketeers from chris o'donnell, an exemplary case, to be sure, of taking candy from a baby. the real question is, between tim curry and alan rickman -- the two most spine-tingliest voices in the english speaking world -- WHO do you choose?

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