Saturday, June 23, 2001

this is my day's work so far. another uploaded and created page of poetry. i guess i should probably organize these better but i'm not sure how yet.

two quotes:
my brother: "what day is it?"
my brother's friend: "seven."
"yeah, he said yesterday he choked on the estrogen."
(johnny, in ref. to a friend of his who was reading my [this] journal.)

didn't get the job i wanted. i'm not sure what i'll do now; find something else, i guess.
last nite was fun: talking and binge eating @ becca's cousins' house in potomac w/ becca and later ilana too. we would have gotten together w/ more people but people were reluctant to brave the storm. crazy shit: lightning kept turning the sky lavender for brief, passionate moments. i had to drive home in that, so, half-recalling conventional wisdom, i tried to only keep one hand on the wheel at all times.

party at my house tonite? adam's inviting friends over too. well, it's a big house.

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