Monday, February 11, 2002

announcements! oh what a lovely day 'tis. oh who expected such a lovely day? tra-la-la ....
well, to let you share in my giddiness:
first in the sequence of things i can reveal is that jocelyn my darling roomie chateau-partner from freshman year sent me a valentines box just thrilling with chocolates and little hearts that say 21st century sweet nothings such as, "fax me". i've danced around distributing them with credit to her and feeling like quite the sprite of generosity and sugary goodness and joy.
second, hesitant firmness is back in business. we've brought it back from the dead, given it a face life, and proclaimed it a dumping ground for random facts, links, and tests the newest of which is yami's still-in-development as-meta-as-it-gets Which Hesitant Firmness Blogger Are You? i will most certainly and with great delight post the link here when it's ready.

additionally we're going to the opera tonite. i'd forgotten, in my swarm of activities and worries and contemplations, that we have tickets for Carmen. still need to read up on the plot. i haven't been to opera since The Magic Flute when i was eight and my father lifted me up so i could read the english translations of the lyrics on the big screen at wolf trap. as i'm not really familiar with Carmen i don't know whether i'll have trouble following it. but who cares! it's opera. how continental and sophisticated we are for attending.

AND i can't really discuss This online unless i get Her permission but i'm very very happy for yet another of the whatrosswouldcall Loveless Girls who in february either hit a lucky streak or come into their own. dancing around the subject, i know. one hates to be indiscreet online. such a coming of age thing. ohh! joy. from far away the problems seem silly and besides the point, of course these things are never perfect. the point is the Thing itself.
i mailed my own valentine today too. happy eleventh everyone.

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