Sunday, February 17, 2002

i meant to see ocean's eleven about two months ago, during finals period, with becca. i forget what came up. so time passed, but i didn't forget. oh no, not i. the movie opens in copenhagen! who expects it? and it's my anniversary. what a coincidence. andrea, mel, heather, will, and i go. supposed to be playing at 1:15 -- oops the papers got it wrong, it's playing at 3:30. no problem. we sit at a cafe, mel and andrea buy me a celebratory vaffle and a diet coke, andrea continuously gives me sudden hugs; we reunite with heather and will, who got some work done in the meanwhile, and we watch what really is a terrific, if terrifically silly, movie. i'm a sucker for anything that sucks me in. LOTR for example. not great literature, not precisely, no. but involving. it takes me out of my head.

on the way home, i stare at the blinking sign across from me at the bus stop. drink coca-cola, it proclaims. it's two degrees outside.

i begin to feel slightly tired. didn't get much sleep. after very energetic discussion with eric over white mugs, me poring over his sketchbook, him helping me with a poem, i read for a while (see above ... put down To the Lighthouse again for it too. i wasn't in the mood for sad) and went to sleep at 12:30, setting the alarm for 5:55. even woke for it and made the call; unfortunately the intended wasn't there to pick up his phone at midnite exactly his time. no problem. i stay up for an hour, working on the poem, and doze off til 9. i go for a walk in a morning fresh as if issued to children on a beach. venturing back from sunlight to monitorlight i find my chap online, as well as darling miss lana. a sufficiency of sweet nothings exchanged and i was ready for the day.
what a lark! what a plunge!

what a year.

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