Monday, May 26, 2003

around me, my brother and his roommate are dismantling their apartment. the walls look like once someone covered them with glue, took them to a heap of trash and rolled them through until every inch was covered. it's impressive. up closer some of the random pieces of paper, ticket stubs, pictures, postcards, doodles, bibs and parking tickets are funny. my decorative impulses and my brother's are similar, both inspired by packrat nostalgia and easy access to scotch tape.

the rest of my family has caravanned on. logically i know that different units have moved in different directions, but it seems to me, after watching everyone move in a body of 16 for 4 days, that the body will just continue on as one to the next celebration. two exist on the horizon, a cousin's barmitzvah in new jersey and soon after that my little brother's graduation from high skool. i'm going to the second, tho not before i stop over at swat for that graduation. considering how many times eager tears sprung to my eyes on sunday, just from watching the processional of cornell's 15000 in black gowns enter the stadium and receive the benediction of the college prez, i'm a little nervous about this next.

a cousin required my space in the family car so i'm staying with adam for another day, going home with him and all his crap tomorrow. that means another night on the couch. it's okay, it's a comfy couch. before i took up residence there, i stayed with the adults in a bed'n'breakfast 40 minutes away. lil bro judah stayed at adam's apartment with us last nite too, which meant we did everything from beer pong to, uh, beer pong, as a sibling unit. everyone now, come on: "awwwwwwwwwww."

the annoying part of the weekend was everyone turning to me and saying, "you next!" people! a year is a helluva long time. i refuse to look that far ahead and everyone else should follow my good example.
the best part of the weekend was the excesses of free food. since i'm immorally and inconsistently eating fish again, i could partake of glorious, glorious sushi. free range fun loving alaska salmon and otherwise.

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