Wednesday, May 07, 2003

my poetry thing went rather smashingly, if i do say so myself. i got lots of laughs. that goes along with my poetry reading philosophy, which is, if your poem isn't funny, it better be pretty damn good. otherwise (i've noticed) people lose interest fast.

i racked up several wonderful compliments from several wonderful folks, including one cute freshman i don't know. "i liked you the best," she said, "not that you probably care." i was like, "are you kidding?" who doesn't live for the praise of strangers?

small craft warnings, the official lit mag, emerged today in hot pink. i tried my best to match it. people treat you differently when you wear pink. i can only wonder how my life would be if i dyed my hair blonde.

now there's nothing to do but buckle down and start reading for my history final on the 14th. in honor of my semester of poetry, here's a link to an ultra-cheerful newsweek article. my consolations are that clearly he didn't like poetry that much to begin with, and i'd never want to be friends with him.

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