Monday, May 05, 2003

several exciting things befell this weekend, including, most notably, a visit from dearfriend ilana. she trekked down from harvard and thus was subjected to innumberable questions of "do you know ________ ?" she seemed to enjoy herself, maybe a little wistfully at times, and of course i loved having her here. like bingley in pride & prejudice -- which production i just watched again from start to finish -- she was eager to approve of everyone and everything she saw. sarah kelly in particular.

worthstock, the music festival that's come to be known as ben's baby, went off smashingly. a good crowd lingered all day and by golly it didn't rain a drop.

the next day co|motion met with our girls for the last time before the summer camp in june. they scavenger hunted (assignments included, "sing to two students and get their signatures" "what is the barn?" and "bring back a W"), then we all played elbow tag. just 15 minutes of the latter left me out of breath. if only i cared about being in shape.

my vcr has turned tempermental at the very moment that i have much free time and little to do with it. at least there's something going on every evening: ross's funny dance-thing this evening (king lear via liza clark, ballet style); tomorrow evening the collective creation pieces; wednesday MY POETRY CLASS READING at 4:00 PM IN THE SCHEUER ROOM and the small craft warnings / scarlet letters distro party at 7.

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