Saturday, May 10, 2003

i have [in]formally received the go-ahead from every member of senior company to turn their process into a movie. senior company consists of 6 honors theater majors, 2 directors, 4 actors, who, among themselves, have to pick a play, cast it, and then put on a production by the end of the semester. one of the directors i know relatively little of; one of the actors i have lived with. everyone else falls somewhere along that spectrum of familiarity.

and structure! pre-made structure: the best kind. i'll sit and take notes at rehearsals, occasionally interviewing the individuals involved. if no story develops, i'll abandon the idea. if one does -- or hopefully several do -- i'll have it all captured and ready to turn into my next project.
for my own amusement, i've been trying to cast Senior Co.: The Movie in my head. good, 20-something actors are eerily hard to come by.

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