Wednesday, May 28, 2003

the nice folks at the people's poet have accepted two of my poems for publication: "our visit" will appear in the autumn journal, and "runway model" in another journal whose name escapes me. both in the UK. no payment for either except for a copy of the publication, but that makes for 3 acceptances recently. encouraging.

my brother and i finally made it home yesterday. that meant i could go to lunch today with the curlygirls (at the sandwich counter, the man nodded to nomi behind me and said, "does your twin sister want something?") we ended up in bethesda afterwards and i picked up a george sand novel at 2nd story. in translation, of course. i'm excited to make her mine. as i found delillo's white noise disappointing, i'm turning squarely to 19th century women for solace. a copy of sense and sensibility i found in the bed n breakfast made me supremely happy.

so much for smug white misogynist males, 1950 - 1990. give me a proto-feminist any day.

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