Monday, May 19, 2003

walking down the sunlit bethesda street this afternoon with my dearfriend jamie back from spain, a woman's voice lassoes me: "do you download music from the internet?" jamie and i turn around. the woman's name is also jamila. don't look at the camera, she tells us, and then she invites us to opine on the subject of post-Napster and AudioGalaxy piracy. no one has ever found a bloom at a loss for words, even on a subject s/he hasn't given excessive thought to. i voice support for downloading as a great way to gain exposure to various artists. i bought a lot more cds after i realized through downloading that i liked someone.
i don't manage to be funny, but i don't say "like" either.
great, thanks, says jamila. you guys can watch yourselves on fox news at 10 on wednesday.

and so can you. watch us, i mean. i just wish we'd gotten paid. i spent a decent chunk of money today, only at the last minute forgoing adding a movie ticket to the receipts from shopping and lunch. i may need better self-control; at least i no longer need killer sunglasses.

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