Wednesday, March 16, 2005

flex capacitor

in response to the crushing wave of curiousity, i felt impelled to post: yes, i moved, and the move went fine. in fact, now that we have the Monster's check safely tucked away, i could tell as many Monster stories as i like!

the Monster, for those of you to whom she has not been technically introduced, is also known as the Harridan and my (now Former!!) Flatmate. since some indeterminate point mid-autumn, when she decided she didn't like sharing her apartment with ben and me, she turned off her earth mother, art therapy, 420 vibe and started blasting Bitch!! at us. i don't react well to Bitch!! -- i have a fragile constitution.

i trying to counter her Bitch!! rays with a shield of Conciliation. that was a bust. i followed up that effort with Constructive Confrontation, attempts at Dialogue, Appeasement, and other girly, pacifist weapons at my arsenal constructed of four years of liberal arts college. nothing worked and her Bitch!! rays were growing ever stronger.

hence, finally, the decision to move. my family, bless them, lined up behind me, giving me aggression pep talks on hitting back and learning to drive like a new yorker. at two critical junctures, i did manage to channel their courage, and the decision to move out was made to my-and-ben's advantage. hoorah!!

following that, i had only to hide from the Monster for the two weeks until the move and keep myself from dangling her wretched cat out the window for the pure joy of it. ben's-and-my families converged this past weekend to bring the hideous misadventure of apartment sharing to a close and ben and i are now safely installed across a body of water ... er, again, not entirely sure which. more details to follow but thanks, as always, for the well-wishes.

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