Tuesday, March 22, 2005

miracles. you know, from god

i wore my new pair of thigh-high stockings today and i think i'm in love. for some reason, it took me a long time to track down a pair: either they were expensive or in not-safe-for-work 80s colors. or, worst of all, they were sold in the back of stores in the Slut Section with the crotchless panties and nylon body-suits and i was scared if i picked one of the rack some kind of Slut Alarm would sound and before i knew it, congress would be passing legislation about me. no thank you.

H&M finally came to my rescue, and i've never been so happy to wear stockings in my life. not having that tight feeling around your belly is bliss. but enough about women's intimates. here's the other amazing purchase -- well, potential purchase -- to make me thrilled:

an ibook g4! only $999, with free shipping, and it's cute and small and portable. excellent qualities in a computer. also, it got five stars on epinions, by real dorks too! my parents were just giving me advice about how to use the money i've been saving, and while they had helpful suggestions along the lines of CDs and IRAs, i'm sure they meant to recommend a new laptop.

it wouldn't be necessary, except my laptop is throwing fits like a teenage girl: shutting down for no reason, refusing to communicate with me, being all needy. it won't function unless it's plugged in. and (see below) the w key exists in a precarious, semi-attached state. the q's on a slant, too. and it's only a year old!

anyone have any great reasons why i shouldn't get an ibook? or switch to macs in general? i'm such a mac person at heart, i feel like this is getting in touch with my true self. it just feels ... right.

oh heavens. speaking of right, i just unrolled and removed my stockings. i am a dead ringer for Mrs. Robinson.

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