Monday, March 07, 2005

a raisin in the moon

another dream fulfilled, and why not? this is new york. one of the actors i work with comped me into a cabaret performance. the little circular tables! the candles! the stage, the pianos, the song! it was all much more satisfying than the stand-up comedy show i was comped into last week. much funnier, too.

it made me muse a little bit about how few love songs have earned a place in my heart. when i was a kid, it was always the break-up songs that got to me: don't think twice, it's all right; losing my mind; you don't bring me flowers (shut up, of COURSE i was into streisand). or else the kind of anthems that would have drag queens crying on each others' shoulder pads: i'm still here; take me or leave me. when i did like love songs, i preferred queer ones, as though there was something about the straight variety i couldn't bring myself to believe in.

even now, the sappy stuff doesn't do much for me. but there have to be some i'd like: love songs that are wise and rich and maybe witty? there must be some.

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