Saturday, March 19, 2005

save ferris!

poor terry schiavo. fifteen years of assisted-pseudo-living and of listening to her husband fight with her parents, dealing with jeb bush's attempts to insert tubes in her inert body (who would want jeb that near their orifices?), and all the while becoming the focus of the most galvanizing, bitter fight over a woman-as-symbol since citizen ruth. and all because -- why? she didn't eat her bananas?

get the government out of my precious bodily fluids, that's what i say. congress has no business going to such absurd lengths to keep a judge's ruling from being enacted, and one woman's halflife should not be the priority of our nation's government, i don't care who she is. the steroid use of baseball players shouldn't be either, in my opinion. who cares? of COURSE they used steroids. of course michael jackson molested little boys. these things have been punchlines for years. why now this outrage over the obvious?

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