Thursday, March 02, 2006


I love words that begin with vowels and have a certain flow to them: esoteric, erotica, amalgamation, asinine, asymmetrical, illustrative ...

Unemployment gives me lots of time to think about such. Though now that I'm doing an internship two days a week, I find my empty time pleasantly framed instead of borderline overwhelming. (Overwhelming: that's another nice one.) My writing group last night gave me good encouragement on my nahvel, and the weather's giving me further encouragement to stay in bed today and work on it, like Proust. Maybe I'll also try hating myself for a while, see if that inspires me.

In that spirit, I'm going to steel myself and watch Crash today. Hopefully I'll have a better viewing experience than many have had because I have low expectations. Still, since I'm attending the World's Coolest Oscar Party, co-hosted by my friend the pinochle mistress and the producer of Spamalot, I feel compelled to be as in the know as possible. Not that it matters, since I won't be able to speak while in presence of such glorious Funny. Actual cast members of the show might be there! Can you imagine?

Among my non-pinochle-playing friends, there's been a rash of romance. Winter's on its way out, relationships are on their way in, a new crop of bunnies are born. ... Best of luck, guys, as you work towards that Tea Set of your dreams.

ETA: Wow, I'm 10 minutes into the movie and I already want to kill myself with a pool cue. People are racist! Stereotypes are mean yet sometimes accurate! Don Cheadle's the only reason I'm still watching. If this unsubtle shit wins over Brokeback Mountain I am going to be pissed.

ETA 2: Movie over. I only had to stop it to scream at the characters 3 times. All I can say is, bloody Jesus, I'm glad there're no Jews in LA.


jonah said...

Wait, isn't Hollywood full of Jews?

sarah said...

the teaset is the greatest metaphor of all time. i might have to write some more about this.

i have heard such conflicting opinions of crash, from people i trust and people i don't trust. i think i still don't want to see it.

in fact, i have seen none of the best picture nominees. is this going to stop me from going to an oscar party? hell no.

ester said...

hmm, i guess my sarcasm didn't come through. yes, hollywood is full of jews, but thankfully, Crash isn't. everyone else gets put through the wringer. this is how you know the film wasn't written by tom wolfe.