Tuesday, March 14, 2006

the internets say what we're thinking

America's crotchety and rarely-seen literary sweetheart (and the Western states' answer to JD Salinger) E. Annie Proulx emerges to retroactively, and vitriolically, live-blog the Academy Awards. Um, AWESOME.

To numb leftover Oscar-related pain, Matthew Baldwin reminds us the critics have often scorned what the Academy lauds.

'kay, now I'm over it, I promise.


sarah said...

um, sort of awesome, but the part about three six mafia seemed sort of unnecessary and borderline . . . not racist, but unaware.

see, i really hate annie proulx and other new yorker writers. i hate their self-awareness and their wintry, minimalist prose, and their snobby east coast attitudes. and annie proulx has always struck me as a just plain mean writer. i can't think of any other way to express it. there is no warmth to her at all. woman is a giant ice cube.

sarah said...

this is why i don't want to see brokeback mountain. i don't want my money going to annie proulx.

i'm serious.