Sunday, March 19, 2006

where are you going, where have you been

Faced with the prospect of a steady decline in the enjoyability of New York weather, my current let's-call-it-"flexible" employment status, and Mr. Ben's one week of spring vacation, the BF/DP and I decided to hit the road, Chinatown bussing it south, first to Philly and then DC. We had a hurrah good time (and good weather! although a mighty wind followed us around with sinister, hair-destroying intentions.)

Most of the trip's highlights were, oddly, food oriented. They included All You Can Eat vegetarian dim sum for $10, the leftovers of which some Mandarin wrangling allowed us to take home; watching Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle at 2 AM, which has got to be the funniest movie I've seen in a while, its rip-offs of Tommy Boy nonwithstading; dining at a new restaurant whose chef we knew from college; mind-meltingly good (and free!) breakfast pastry at Petit Fours; and so on. But the real highlights were of the metaphysical variety, difficult to explain. So much walking in sunshine! So much good conversation, & socializing face-to-face with people not seen in a while or never before met!

Our company, counting only those with whom we exchanged more than just pleasantries, totaled 20 people, 11 of whom were Swatties, 2 of whom were afianced, 2 of whom had just started dating, 5 of whom were entirely strangers to me, and 3 of whom hosted us most graciously. (Thanks guys!) Mr. Ben on his own hung out with a few more as well. And did I mention the food? We had thai food, indian food, vegan food, southern food, chinese food, leftover chinese food, pancakes with peanut butter, enchilades with real Mexican mole, carrot cake, tart, scone, tea, and a mushroom sandwich. It was quite a successful outing, and thanks to everyone along the way for making it so. Y'all are the best.

My travel buddy was also the best for reading aloud to me for an hour on the Chinatown bus after my stomach sent out warning signs that I should probably stop reading to myself. And for helping me with my suitcase on the stairs. Even though (unlike SOME people we know) we’re not at the tea set stage, I do believe, and feel that I can state without hesitation, that he is a good egg.

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benjamin said...

awww. it's awfully good of you to be so nice to me in public.

it wasn't just good food, it was filling food. none of the usual one simple entree and you're done meals for us. big honking multi-coursers with seconds if your had room.

for the record, though ester didn't give a shout out to all twenty of our lovely leisure-time associates, the ones that i struck out on my own to see were erik o. and, briefly, a couple of his band mates as well as mark (who ester got to see the next day) and kate (who ester got to see earlier the same day).

lots of admiring the rivers that flow through our lovely cities. gratifyingly little clothes shopping or tv watching. just lots of good people and good food.