Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Two for One!

Friends, I am always in the market for a new vocabulary word. And as today is Blog Against Sexism Day, that gives me two reasons to hop on this new slang train a-roaring into the pop culture lexicon. Fellow dorks, fellow feminists, fellow haters and baiters and patriarchy-blamers, meet the word of the day:

Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): napolied
Pronunciation: nA'poli

1. To brutalize and rape, sodomize as bad as you can possibly make it, a young, religious virgin woman who was saving herself for marriage.
2. To hella rape somebody.

The smart bitches who came up with the verb, so coined in honor of Sen. "Fuckwit" Napoli (R-SD), did so in response to Napoli's vocal gas-passing on television the other night in answer to a question of when he could possibly consider excusing abortion. (The pulp-novel detail he uses, and his lingering over it, leads you to picture the porn he likes to sneak glimpses at once his wife's asleep.) Since he made his media debut, websites everywhere have heaped scorn on the pervert's head, but the Santorum treatment is a Parent Trap-worthy punishment to fit the crime and precisely what the little shit deserves.

Well done, smart bitches. I raise my glass to you and to all smart bitches everywhere as I wish the senator the PR disaster of a lifetime and a sudden realization, while his wife is using the computer, that he forgot to delete the cache.


Nate said...

That definition page was the first result when I googled "Bill Napoli." That is awesome beyond words. Hmmm...Google bombing. That could have real world effects!

kate d. said...

ew. what a horrid little man.

Anonymous said...

I would like to propose an alternate definition for the verb "to napoli":

To make public a fantasy that would better have remained private.

Examples include Bill O'Reilly's wistful thoughts of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne murdering the Brokeback Mountain lovers, and most of the "humorous" material on sale at Right Wing Stuff.

ester said...

You know, Mr. Nice Guy, I actually prefer that definition? Perhaps both can coexist ...

Nate said...

Would that then be an ad homonym attack?