Saturday, May 18, 2002

another perk of [free] membership to the DFI: [free] internet, in this case as i wait for GWTW to begin. what type of people will show up, i wonder?

i went to meet the CBCBCs hoping-against-hope to develop the germ of a watch tan. the danish sun walloped me for underestimating it with a long, narrow glare down my left arm. my first burn of the season! it makes my arm look patriotic: white and red. but for all that it also hurts, so i'm not as gung-ho as i could be.
the gathering itself was fun. for the first hour and a half, 'twas just me and tinka ("please stop calling me webmistress: it sounds s&m-y"). she brought homemade bread and i bought cheese. the intended ritter sport dessert melted into nutella. i also contributed a six-pack, the first i've ever purchased myself. but i drank diet coke.
then rasmus and elizabeth showed up within seconds of each other, making four of us, one for each corner of the checkered blanket. we people-watched, commenting on the sunbathers, the bottle-collectors, the yappy dogs, and talked film. star wars dominated, of which i could say little, but tinka invited me to see it (in her case, again) with her on tuesday. i guess i must. if nothing else, it's cultural currency.

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