Tuesday, May 21, 2002

three done! is it just me, or is five finals in four days a little excessive? ... no matter. i'm more than halfway through, even if the two most difficult are still to come.
tonite, in stark contrast to last nite which i spent wandering around dispiritedly and studying for my jews in europe and contemporary european film tests, i am going to be social. heather's throwing a dinner party. i'm always up for being fed.

i have to admit i got a little carried away finishing my last jews in europe essay. it occurred to me that perhaps this is the last such class i will take, and after 13 years of education in the subject that's no insignificant matter. i used the opportunity to blow off some steam in what i hope was a redemptively humorous fashion. then i slammed my pencil down and dashed from the room.

only two more to go.

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