Wednesday, February 12, 2003

fever's down for the first time since i had to come home, midday yesterday, and collapse into bed. various friends fussed over me the way friends should when you can barely move, and for ten hours i could barely move. ben convinced me in the evening to take my temperature ("i don't need to, i don't think i have a -- oh.") and it 100.8. i can't remember the last time i had a fever. today tho i felt better -- i can move around, and eat, and withstand light -- my temperature reached 101.9. that's a fucking radio station, man, not a body temperature. maybe it's just down now cuz i took a shower but i do feel more energized.

so much nyquil. so many vitamin c drops. so much negotiating and renegotiating plans with teachers, doctors, mother, friends, love. if i feel horrific tomorrow at noon my wonderful mother may whisk up to fetch me home to recoop there; if i'm better i'll wait it out here. everything as it comes.

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