Friday, February 14, 2003

um, interesting (and you have to admire a clever title). two people got married last year in maryland. this year, as it turned out that one of the individuals involved is a woman -- or rather, that both individuals are women, but especially the one that was taken for a man -- the state has revoked their license. who knew the state could do that? and why don't they do it more often?
the twist is that the individual taken for a man actually was a man once before she transitioned.
it's certainly one of the most trans-positive articles i've read. it refers to georgie with female pronouns throughout, though possibly just because she's had a surgicial operation which makes her new gender "legitimate." still, it's respectful, and it seems to take the side of the couple.

i just got back from worth, the health center, where i spent 27 in one room. yesterday my fever hit a high of 103.6 and my lovely friend felicia got me over there. first time i'd ever spent time in anything like a hospital, but it wasn't bad at all. people visited nearly constantly; when i was alone, i slept, ate, or read. thousands of doses of nyQuil and voila: temperature back to normal. ester can go back home where she belongs.
this morning ben and i exchanged our non-chocolate v-day presents, marking my 1st romantic recognition of this hallmark holiday (last year i cried in a bar in western denmark. love, yes; romance, not so much). so happy v-day to everyone -- hope it's sweet.

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