Friday, February 21, 2003

i could not be happier. i'm halfway through a bear-cookie valentine that i bought at target because it looked lonely and frightening and also pink, and was very drastically on sale, along with everything else there (i got a kickass seminar break for $15). jonah&sarah, one of the hotttest couples of campus, invited ben and me to spur-of-the-moment ethiopean food on the phringes of philly. all 4 of our orders appeared on one huge tray, prompting the question of how many people need to order before they receive more than one tray. it hardly matters, good ethiopean food is always so good, and so filling. mmmmm.

that, and the target run (we spent an hour there -- how?) came at the end of a terrific day, in which i got the final OKAY on my screenplay idea. OKAY, i can finally 100% throw myself into doing it, as long as i get the grant. elizabeth, who i may live with in nyc this summer, said that not only could her dad, who rents apts, possibly let us have one, but we might be able to have HIS. a summer in new york with cable tv and space to twirl in? could that be more perfect?
then i went to break up with my advisor, who can't be my advisor anymore. but i asked if he'd remain my father figure on campus, and he said of course. heart heart.
then i wrote a poem, and i like it a lot, but it's long. i don't know if i should post it here or not.
i'm almost done with the bear. the icing's so hard it's kind of made me nauseous. within 3 hours of feasting, one should never attempt to eat other food. oh well. i haven't mentioned yet but aaron mcgruder is coming to campus tomorrow -- hands down the coolest speaker i'll have ever seen.

oh dude! we were just talking about absinthe.
and we're always talking about the axis of evil.

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