Sunday, February 16, 2003

there's no reason to be up on a sunday morning before the dining hall opens for brunch except to look out the window and think "snow! we don't need more of that!" and find funny things to read on the internet. so here's one from the onion, in case you missed it; and another from rabi's lj: cooking with monkey. try the brie and baguette one.

people are sick everywhere. walking around the library with your eyes closed, you'd think you were in a hospital of some beleagured war-torn south american nation, where hoarse delirious voices call out for water and legs have to be amputated and there is no morphine. actually, with very little connection to my metaphor, i'm picturing the atlanta scene in Gone With the Wind where scarlet gets more and more grossed out by having to play a nurse. but who wouldn't?

that's enough of that. i missed the protest but i hear it went well. i missed everything last week, in fact. but i'm beginning to get my energy back and that's exciting.

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