Sunday, February 01, 2004


no matter how much i steel myself for eating alone, returning from having eaten alone leaves me downcast. these are the times when i feel like maybe it's time to graduate, when i sit in sharples by myself looking on increasing numbers of people i don't know or know just enough that it's faintly embarassing that they're seeing me by myself.

i do need to get used to it since so many of my friends have moved off-campus and since ben, who's been my houseguest for a couple weeks and will be for one more, will be moving off, in his one way, soon. i nearly brought a book today but was waylaid by the fact that surely the only scarier thing than a stony-faced girl eating alone is that same stony-faced girl eating alone while reading dracula.

yesterday we celebrated our anni-day (3 years!), not because it was technically our anni-day but because on our technical anni-day he'll be galavanting around europe. even if manifactured, and come on, what holiday isn't?, the day was lovely. we watched fellini's 8 1/2 which was a visual ballet from start to finish, and surreal and self-referential in that way i can't get enough off. (it reminded me of one of my favorite films, all that jazz, and not coincidentally i'm sure.)

then we went into the city for mod romance: first to tritone, on 15th and south, and then across the street to bob and barbara's. since i expected something flamboyant from the latter, the quiet, quirky scene was initially a little disappointing, but the old-skool blues/jazz band buoyed my spirits. at tritone, all was sublime. candles! music! deep-fried candy bars and pabst! the food was good and warm and cheap -- our several course meal, including appetizers, main dish, side dish, drinks and dessert was less than $20 each. and we got to carve our names into the table. i reccomend it highly for your own mod romance needs.

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