Saturday, February 14, 2004

st. cyril and co.

roomie brigid informed me that today is not even st. valentine's day -- it's st. cyril's along with some other guy; the two of them created the cyrillic alphabet. this reminds me of the best response i got while peddling Roses for Valentines Day! for comotion: one girl shook her head, leaned in and whispered, "that's pagan."
(2nd best response: one boy walked by, shook his head, leaned in and whispered, "fuck love.")

all that said, happy valentines day. last year on this day i woke up in a hospital, the only time in my life so far that i've had the pleasure. i plan on dedicating at least an hour today to being grateful for not being sick and whatever else i can think of. for instance, that comotion sold NOT JUST the 500 roses we initially procured, but a whopping 700 !! and made a tidy sum of very necessary cash too. someone even bought me a rose. thanks, someone.

i will almost definitely feel less friendly towards our roses after i spent several hours this afternoon bundling and distributing them. on the other hand, it's not like i have anything better to do today -- or anything at all, actually, for which i am (add it to the list) grateful. i am not accustomed to days where i have to be On On On without a break. i need little breaths of alone-time fresh air. but yesterday i had to a thousand things, including my film theory seminar, a job interview, and attend an opera, one after the other.

oddly, the opera revived me. a student both directed and starred in it -- no mean feat. it wasn't too long, the stars' voices were incredible, and the story was easy to follow if a little silly because, well, it's an opera. anyway, i was very impressed. my spirits were glad to have been buoyed and were such good sports from that point on that i rewarded them by drinking nand laughing and not concentrating on a damn thing til the wee hours of the morning.

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