Tuesday, February 24, 2004

it's fat tuesday! eat more fries!

in honor of today, which precedes a frightening tomorrow, i am prepared with your permission to ignore politics. here you will find neither rants re: nader nor rhetoric re: bush, regardless of how upset news about them has made me. honestly, what else can you expect from either?

so, right. how about that pop culture? the oscars are coming up! (vote here for the blanches) i saw the dreamers on friday: lyrical, naked, complex, and featuring the kind of blood rarely visible on screen! isn't "the o.c." the best show on television, especially now that sex and the city has floated off the air!

i was fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends during the SATC finale who shrieked and groaned and laughed appropriately. i loved miranda and samantha's storylines. charlotte's was more predictable, although she did have the episode's biggest laugh (harry moans about their adoption troubles and c. replies: "we're jews. we've been through worse than this.") and i was glad at least that carrie came back to new york where she belonged even if mr "his name is JOHN?" big has to shepherd her. she deserves no better.

aw. i'll miss that show. i felt very connected to Women's Culture; i could feel the Power of Sisterhood whizzing through me as i sat on my couch, laughing at yet another dirty double entendre. aw. but really. the good-natured raunch, the good-looking men, the witty dialogue, occasional bursts of feminism. i'll miss it.

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