Sunday, February 08, 2004


i left the library this early-afternoon with my arms full of my 19th century fetish. wuthering heights, in video and novel form; northhanger abbey/persuasion in one volume; and quills, which i've never seen. if anyone's interested in drooling over dresses, brooding men, and/or aberrant sexualities with me, please let me know.

i had gone in looking for a b&w soviet film i need to see for my film theory seminar. but, as the wise men say, life is like a box of chocolates, &c.

besides consuming bronte and austen and way too many saltines, i've been distracting myself from the gaping newness of ben's absence with people. a delightfully bouncy Nields concert friday night, followed by a heavy-on-the-gossip, light-on-the-sleep sleepover. an epic dinner that incorporated several overlapping friend groups and locations. a truckload of inappropriate jokes i'd be embarrassed to repeat here (for example: how do you get a nun pregnant? dress her up as an altar boy! how embarrassing).
then last night the barn party which, if i'd been in the mood or dressed for it, would have been smashing. a melange of high-energy people, ranging from those i don't know to those i'd forgotten to those i only talk to when [they're] drunk. i snuck up to visit my old room at one point and was startled by the familiarity of the lavendar walls. i remember painting them -- indeed, i have pictures -- back when the barn was less intimidating because i lived there.

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