Sunday, February 29, 2004

hang tough

i've had a productive day, for a sunday. i printed out a copy of the (completed) 2nd draft of my screenplay and handed it off for the next someone to read. i had brunch w/ addie then played nine men's morris, hex, and go, once she taught me how. and then we saw audrey's breathtaking one woman show. so much talent, so much courage, so much will is required to put on a show like that, i can barely comprehend it. certainly it was one of the best performances i've seen since i've been here and one of the ones i feel most should be taken outside, beyond.

it's hard to shake off. the oscars! yes, and. this is the last week before spring break. i can't quite think about what happens afterwards. instead. here's a poem i wrote, thinking into the future as far as i could.

there will be a table,
lions inscribed in china, paws up to
three glinting glasses
There will be napkins drawn through
rings as though in magic: each
produces a lap! wine dripping from fingers
like shower-water

there has been a revolution
Now the table has no head
and our bourgeois shame sits heavy
on the pillows, eats leadened bread,
looses wine on the china with real grief
We will stagger through
the story, graceless and spurting, propelled
by the need to pass from one end
of the night to the other
and the next.
it's rough, it hasn't been edited yet (that's what rough means). if you have suggestions, please.

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