Friday, July 02, 2004

daily life

for a few days, i was really fired up about seeing fahrenheit 911. now i've become more circumspect about the idea, more moderate; i'm beginning to redirect my energy to spiderman II. i imagine i am not unlike the rest of the country in this respect.

i think m. moore has talent and passion and a knack for generating controversy, all of which i admire, even if his bombast, chauvinism and narrow-mindedness turn me off almost in equal measure. but after reading everything i could find about the film, i almost feel as if i've already experienced both the high of the bush-bashing and the frustration of his limits myself.

i still want to see the film, which is setting records like ken on jeopardy!, and i would urge all you to except that clearly i'm the only ambulatory, non-senile american left who hasn't gotten a chance.

i did get a chance to go bowling last night -- duck pin! which is the exciting kind. cty organized an RA-TA Soiree that would take us all off campus for a bit and let us curse without having to look over our shoulders for impressionable younguns. i didn't do half-bad, as it happens.

when i left college, one of my biggest fears was that i'd never again find a community of like-minded individuals with whom i could spend hours just talking, comfortably. last night i realized that coming to cty was a perfect choice because the collection of RAs here -- cool folks around my own age -- is helping me ease out of that college holding pattern. good conversation kept me up last night, as though i were back at swat, and it was blissful.

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