Wednesday, July 28, 2004

water without fun
has anyone else noticed that it won't stop raining?  this is not seattle, where it's okay if it rains because seattle is a mystical, wholesome city, free of materialism and greed, overrun with  characters from tom robbins novels wearing flannel and drinking free-trade coffee. 
i would do anything to be a character in a tom robbins novel, one of the well-described ones with an exciting personal life.  instead i'm merely an RA, back on duty in baltimore after my soggy and slightly unfulfilling day off.  yesterday featured some high points, including meeting my family's new neurotic beagle whose name, i suggested, should be Disraeli (british dog, jewish family.  no brainer.)  dizzy for short. 

yesterday also featured a moment of Hitting Bottom: me, splayed out on my bed, crying into my pillow, stopping occasionally to look at the tear stains and consider the resemblance to ink blots.  really, i just didn't want to come back here.  being home, with access to dvds, cable, a full fridge, a car, newspapers, and dizzy to play with, brought home (if you will) the fact that i haven't been home much this summer.  i haven't had time to recharge and i will need to recharge -- desperately -- before i begin my Life in the City.

which, by the way, i hear, now comes with a cat.  namewise, i vote for Gladstone.

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