Tuesday, July 20, 2004

o, what a good girl am i

hey!  did anyone catch that i have the same birthday as heather (aka dooce)?  my birthday went off somewhat more smoothly than hers: no vomit on my part, although, while ben was down here with me for intersession, i nearly slipped and fell in someone else's vomit.  you can't get much lower than that.
the other RAs were sweet to me.  one bought me chai.  another made me a card.  another covered my pizza during our late-night celebratory watching of eddie izzard's more-manic-than-usual new movie sexie.  and they threw me a "surprise" party that i totally saw coming.  i didn't expect the halo they made me though.  the halo is pretty cool.
best of all, my hall from last session ("madonna") made me a birthday package and left it with J., my one girl here for both sessions, to give to me.  it had a card, and candy, and a gift, and very yonic looking cookies, and a funny note.  like, wow.  i was glowing about it all day.
i also paid my first month's rent on the new york apartment.  thanks to my first cty paycheck -- well, and thanks to graduation -- , i could cover it.  that may not be amazing to you but it is to me.  i'm growing like a beanstalk here, people.  how about that.

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