Wednesday, July 14, 2004

money changes everything

who cares about the rock? i got what matters more: the CHECK. check #1 for my time here, which i've enjoyed far more than the times i was here as a camper. how amazing is that? free room and board, plus a salary, for having this experience.

it's affirmation of a different, more practical sort. i did my job the way i was supposed to. in return, i got money. no lobbying necessary and certainly no guilt.

so i feel better, despite the fact that i haven't gotten used to the idea that my precious girls will be leaving me. virtually simultaneously, my email address will be leaving me. that address and i have been very close over the past few years. sure, i knew that our relationship was winding down. we haven't been communicating well. it's been moody. sometimes it would plague me with spam; other times, it would stonewall me, offering nothing.

it was clear we were moving in different directions. but knowing this day was fated to come doesn't make the coming of it any easier to bear.

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