Wednesday, October 24, 2001

highlight of yesterday was definitely the meeting w/ the do-gooders. they're the most adorable group of girls, i swear ... everyone makes sympathy noises together and has the same frowny-concerned face when any of us has a problem. they're also really cool; i don't mean to sound condescending. they seem perplexed when i revealed that i refer to them as "do-gooders" and when i said that i don't self-identify. i just get a sense when i'm around people who are better than i am. they're sensitive social-leftists who try to improve the world but aren't self-righteous about it. that's impressive.
one of the sarahs (there are three) and i talked a lot about folk music -- she grew up in that scene, lucky *grumble* -- and politics and race relations. great conversation tho it wasn't too conducive to grant-writing. another of the sarahs asked me if what i write here is true. i stared at her. well, she said, defending herself, it would be cool to have a whole fake journal. i mean, i guess, but that would be an awful lot of trouble. anyway, i assured her that yes, this is all true. if it were fiction, i wouldn't talk about my frizzy hair or blotchy skin or mood swings. (wait, have i been talking about those, or just dwelling about them? ... )

marc found me yesterday in mccabe while i was working frantically to finish another history paper and print before the library closed. he told me i looked awful. i thanked him.
i finished all right, tho once i printed it out i refused to look at it. the film screening pre- that was fun. we watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, which was a lot more self-aware than i expected and very entertaining, and a german film about sexual liberation via porn called The Virgin Machine. this is supposed to be the feminist film week. we'll see.

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