Tuesday, January 29, 2002

we finished our four day danish crash course with a walking tour. through winds strong and sharp enough to bite off your head we made our way to two different libraries, the american store (at which we turned up our ready-to-do-the-european-thing noses and the proprietress replied, "yeah, just wait til the craving kicks in"), the high class supermarket that has everything we're familiar with and much more besides, and finally finally the bakery in anticipation of which i hadn't eaten breakfast. my hunger was rewarded by a wonderful looking something in the window; i bought it without even knowing what it was (brown sugar mostly, more than i'd ever seen in one place outside of a bag.) and my hunger helped: so eager was i to finally eat that i didn't think twice about pronounciation or sounding like a fool.

last nite eric and i went out to a smart cafe less than a five minute walk from our doorstep. he got green tea, i got chai (it exists here!) and we talked about life, relationships, ambition, ecology. i discovered that he's as passionate on the subject of conservation and organic living and building as blair is about slam poetry, but it's almsot always interesting to hear someone in that position talk.

came home and talked to ben, found out my darling exflatmate rebecca got herself cast in cabaret as a kit kat dancer. no less than her dream, i imagine.
and today, after our pastry outing, lunch, and an assembly about culture shock and living with the danes ("go out and meet them," one administrator advised, "because we have statistics to uphold. statistically, two of you will marry people from ths program and two will marry danes.") i laughed out loud at a darling lana entry. a step forward and up for wymmyn everywhere. lana, we salute you.

brief lull between activities. next comes folk dancing; i think i will go after all. maybe after i'll rent cabaret and envy yet another performance i'll miss this semester. ah well. i guess i'll have to put on a couple of my own to compensate, eh?

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